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Ландэ , как и написал вчера на своём фэйсбуке, дал отмашку прессе - пошли материалы в газетах о "Письмах Асперна".
Джонатан исполнил главную мужскую роль, писателя и издателя Мортона , увлечённого творчеством поэта-романтика Асперна. Мортон старается заполучить его письма , всё ещё существующие в руках постаревшей любви Асперна , Юлианы (Ванесса Редгрейв). Нынче , спустя десятилетия, Юлиана живет в Венецианском палаццо с племянницей ( Джоэли Ричардсон), которую Мортон , для достижения своей цели, пытается соблазнить.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers has joined Vanessa Redgrave and Joely Richardson in the period drama “The Aspern Papers.”

Jon Kortajarena, Poppy Delevingne, Morgane Polanski, Alice Aufray, and Barbara Meier have also been added to the cast. Julien Landais is directing from an adaptation of the Henry James novel. Landais co-wrote the sсript with Jean Pavans and Hannah Bhuiya.

The film is set in Venice in 1885 with Rhys Meyers portraying Morton Vint, an ambiguous young writer and publisher fascinated by iconic romantic poet Jeffrey Aspern as he strives to get his hands on the letters Aspern wrote to his beautiful mistress, Juliana (Redgrave). Now, decades later, Juliana lives in a Venetian palazzo with her niece (Richardson), whom Morton tries to seduce.

Production is currently underway in Venice, Italy.

Gabriela Bacher is producing for Film House Germany’s Summerstorm Entertainment, alongside Landais for Princeps Films. The executive producers include Charles S. Cohen of Cohen Media Group, James Ivory, Francois Sarkozy, Christian Angermayer, Klemens Hallmann, and Charles-Henri de Lobkowicz. Bruno Wang serves as co-executive producer. Arri Media will be handling foreign sales.

Rhys Meyers won a Golden Globe for his role in the mini-series “Elvis,” and was nominated twice for playing King Henry VIII on the TV show “The Tudors.” He currently stars as Bishop Heahmund in History Channel’s “Vikings.” His notable film credits include “Match Point,” “Vanity Fair,” “Mission: Impossible III,” and “From Paris With Love.”

Kortajarena’s credits include ABC’s “Quantico.” Delevingne has appeared in TV series including “The Royals” and “Love Advent,” and the film “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.” Polanski also starred in “Vikings.” Meier is a German actress best known for winning the second season of “Germany’s Next Topmodel.”

Rhys Meyers is represented by Brillstein Entertainment Partners and CAA; Kortajarena by View Management, Untitled Entertainment, and ICM Partners; Delevingne by LINK Entertainment and WME; Polanski by Jen Turner at Finley Management, and 42 in the UK; Aufray byRosalie Miller Mann; and Meier by StormSolutions and bluesparrow.

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Моргана Полански , прекрасная принцесса Гизелла из "Викингов" , так же сыграла в фильме Ландэ ! :) , см. альбом фото со съёмок -

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