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Новое промо от канала "Хистори" - сериал о тамплиерах "Падение Ордена" , премьера 7 декабря.

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Падение Ордена / #Knightfall — Русский трейлер #2 (1 сезон)
Премьера нового ( и уже давно всеми очень ожидаемого!) сериала от канала "Хистори"
7 декабря 2017 года.

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Although they were one of the world’s richest organizations, Templar brothers were banned from carrying any money. histv.co/2wZI7Kk

History’s new drama series Knightfall doesn’t premiere until Dec. 6, but Downton Abbey fans who caught the latest trailer this week may already be excited: Yes, that’s Jim Carter (Downton’s Mr. Carson) as Pope Boniface VIII; Julian Ovenden (Lady Mary’s suitor Charles Blake) as William de Nogaret, right-hand man to King Philip IV of France; and Tom Cullen (Lady Mary’s scorned lover Tony Gillingham) as the series’s leading man, Templar Knight Landry.

The story unfolds in 1306, when the Knights Templar and their holy leader, the pope, uncover a clue that suggests the lost Holy Grail is in Paris. The Templars, whom showrunner Dominic Minghella likens to the Navy SEALS of their day, soon discover they’re not the only ones searching for the cup of Christ. Add in de Nogaret’s Machiavellian attempts to undermine the relationship between Landry and the king (Ed Stoppard), and the result is a 10-episode first season that Cullen describes as “House of Cards meets Vikings.”

Casting Tom Cullen as Landry

“What we wanted, and what we saw in Tom, was somebody who you could believe is a fervent swinger of swords, and passionate believer in God, and that sort of front and center leader of men, but then at the same time who absolutely had an inner life,” Minghella says.

Those layers are what drew Cullen to the role (along with remembering all the times he pretended to be a knight as a child). “The show is called Knightfall, so at its heart it’s about a character who gets put through it,” he says. “He is somebody who’s struggling with his faith, and yet he’s incredibly loyal. He’s somebody that doesn’t want to be a leader, but is thrust into leadership. He’s somebody who believes deeply in his [celibate] sect, yet he’s having an affair with a woman. He’s somebody who would do anything for his brothers, yet he’s not telling them the truth. He’s somebody who is courageously brave, yet he’s scared to be himself. Those contradictions and those juxtapositions are, as an actor, what you dream of playing.”

Minghella credits casting director Debbie McWilliams with making both men’s dreams a reality: “She has always been the casting director for the James Bond movies, and if she can’t find you the next breakout hero, then you’re in trouble, you know?”

Cullen also enjoyed the physical side of Landry: “You look at something like Downton Abbey, you spend so much of your time just standing as stiff as possible, just saying words. But in a show like this, you get to just let rip. It comes off the screen at you. It’s so high octane and aggressive and a real thrill. For us to be on that journey for seven months, it’s the best job ever.”

@темы: "Падение Ордена", "Knightfall"

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