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Джонатан и малыш-Вольфик ))

Ещё одно свежее интервью, посвящённое Вольфику. Джонатан необыкновенно трогательно говорит о сыне, и о том, насколько появление ребёнка изменило его жизнь. Он описывает Вольфика спокойным мальчиком, просто ангелом : "Он очень спокоен, он спит всю ночь..., он - радость моей жизни " , говорит о том, что и не подозревал насколько сильные изменения произойдут в нём самом в связи с рождением ребёнка :) . (...) "Он (*Вольфик ) смотрит прямо в твою душу, у него очень милая природа..." , "Люди говорят, что когда у вас есть дети, это меняет вас, и, конечно же, это так ... но я просто не знал глубины изменений, которые произойдут ... Все, что вы решите, все ваши устремления и цели меркнут по сравнению с тем, что нужно этому маленькому мальчику... До того, как родился ребенок, я мало чего боялся, а теперь я не могу читать газетные статьи о том, что случается с детьми. Я очень злюсь, поэтому я думаю, что новый вид позитивного страха заменил страх эгоистический." (перевод Т.Воронцовой)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: 'I'm a changed man now I'm a dad'
28th May 17 | Entertainment News

Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers has put his hellraising days behind him because he'd rather hang out with his baby boy and his wife than hit parties and bars.

Opening night premiere of Cavalias Odysseo
The Irish star, who has battled alcohol abuse in the past, insists he has toned down his wild ways since becoming a dad, and his son has changed him for the better.
"He's an angel boy," Jonathan tells Access Hollywood Live. "He's got a very deep, intense nature about him... He stares right into your soul. He's got a very very sweet nature. He's very calm, he sleeps right through the night... He's the joy of my life.

"People say that when you have children it changes you and of course it does... but I just didn't know the profundity of the change that was going to take place... Every single thing that you decide, all of your aspirations, all of your goals... to make sure that you get what you want in life pale in comparison to what this little boy needs.

"Everybody goes through their days where they have incredibly positive moments and they go and have a few negative moments; these negative moments become less and less and less with a boy, because a boy needs that attention, he needs your warmth, he needs your kindness."

And the actor admits his baby son has changed the way he looks at world news: "Before I had the child I had very little fear of things and since I've had my child I can't read newspaper stories about things that are happening to children... I get very very angry, so I think a new sort of positive fear has replaced this sort of egotistical 'I'm an actor' fear."

The Tudors star and his wife Mara Lane welcomed Wolf on 15 December ( 2016).

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Уже идёт раскрутка пятого сезона "Викингов", и появляются разнообразные статьи (в разных изданиях), со спойлерами www.denofgeek.com/uk/tv/vikings-season-5/47954/...
Основная информация о роли епископа Эдмунда переводилась нами и давалась (*ниже, в публикациях).
В данной статье пишут всё о том же , что Эдмунд , наравне с Харальтом Прекрасноволосым, выступит как основной противник сыновей Рагнара. Все ожидают официального анонса в отношение даты премьеры 5-го сезона

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Сцены из "Тюдоров", Генри и Джейн Сеймур. В этих сценах роль Джейн исполнила прекрасная Анита Брием.

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Свежее интервью (на англ.), Джонатан отвечает на вопросы.
Собственно, в этом интервью Джонатан подтвердил , для журналистов и поклонников творчества, что они с Марой Лэйн официально муж и жена . Ну и разные другие вещи рассказал о своих нынешних вкусах . О том, например, что свободный день - провёл бы играя с сыном .

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Is Not Afraid To Serve Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream As A Main Course

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is an actor probably best known for his roles in films like Match Point and Mission Impossible III, as well as television series like The Tudors, Dracula, and Elvis, for which he earned a Golden Globe award and an Emmy nomination. Currently, the native of Ireland stars alongside Antonio Banderas and Piper Perabo in Black Butterfly, which opened on May 26th and is currently in theaters and also available on-demand.

Jonathan was kind enough to take a few minutes to participate in our twenty questions questionnaire series recently.

1. You walk into a bar. What do you order from the bartender?

These days water.

2. Who’s your favorite person to follow on Twitter and/or Instagram?

My wife, Mara, plays with hers from time to time which I poke my nose and peruse sporadically.

3. What’s currently waiting for you on your DVR or in your streaming queue?

John Wick 2.

4. It’s your last meal — what are you going out with?

The tasting menu at Noma Copenhagen run by chef René Redzepi.

5. What websites do you visit on a regular basis?

Houzz and 1stDibs.

6. What’s the most frequently played song on your mobile device?

Hillsong’s “Oceans.”

7. If you could go back and give your 18-year-old self one piece of advice what would it be?

Let me ponder that for a spell, “DON’T DRINK!”

8. What’s the last thing you Googled?

Find my phone.

9. Dogs or cats?


10. Best concert of your life was…?

UB40 1987.

11. What book are you most likely to give as a gift?

Anything by Seamus Heaney.

12. What the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for you?

My wife, Mara, marrying me and having our child.

13. South Park or Family Guy?

Family Guy.

14. You have an entire day to do whatever you want. What would you do?

Hang out with my son.

15. What movie can you not resist watching if it’s on?

Good Will Hunting.

16. The sports team or teams you’re most passionate about?

The Republic of Ireland International Soccer Team.

17. Where did you eat the best meal of your life?

A Teppanyaki Bar in Sydney.

18. The last movie you saw in a theater?

London Town by obligation as I must go to my own premieres but I am an Apple TV and Netflixer.

19. Who was your first celebrity crush?

Buffy Sainte-Marie.

20. What would you cook if Nic Cage were coming to your house for dinner?

Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream because it’s awesome.

PREVIOUSLY: James Monroe


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Свежее интервью на англ. от 30.05.2017, о "Чёрной бабочке" и "Викингах". Уже, постепенно, начинается раскрутка "Викингов"! 😊

Перевод этого интервью, в двух частях :

Часть 1 о "Бабочке" - https://vk.com/all_about_jonathan?w=wall-75955862_36992 ,

Часть 2 о "Викингах" , интересно рассказывает о работе Хёрста ! - https://vk.com/all_about_jonathan?w=wall-75955862_37017

Jonathan Rhys Meyers on the Thriller ‘Black Butterfly’ & His Upcoming ‘Vikings’ Role

Directed by Brian Goodman and adapted from the acclaimed French thriller Papillon Noir, the drama Black Butterfly tells the story of a chance meeting between a desperate writer named Paul (Antonio Banderas), who is trying to save his career by finishing a screenplay, and a mysterious hitchhiker named Jack (Jonathan Rhys Meyers). When Paul offers Jack his remote cabin to stay in, Jack becomes more and more demanding, and the two men enter into a dangerous game that can’t possibly end well for both of them.

During this 1-on-1 phone interview with Collider, actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers talked about how he got involved with Black Butterfly, why he chose not to watch the original film, what made this character interesting to play, why it’s best to keep a thriller like this tight on time, and how much he enjoyed working with Antonio Banderas. He also talked about how much fun he’s had on the History Channel TV series Vikings and the experience of working with someone like Michael Hirst, as well as why the director of a project is so important to him.

Collider: When this project came your way, was it a sсript that you read and responded to, or was it a meeting with the director?

JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS: Marc Frydman, who adapted the screenplay and was a producer on it, and I had worked together on Stonewall. It was his project and he asked if I could do it, so I read the sсript and I said I would.

Had you been familiar with the fact that it was based on a 2008 French thriller, or did that not matter?

MEYERS: It doesn’t matter so much, but I did know that it was from Papillon Noir, yeah.

Did you watch it before making this?

MEYERS: No, you don’t watch things like that. Funnily enough, if you’re making a remake of anything, it’s probably not a good idea to watch it. You’re going to have to breathe a new freshness and life to it, and discover the world for yourself.

What was it about the story and character that ultimately most appealed to you?

MEYERS: I suppose the fact that they’re not dissimilar characters. They’re on the opposite sides of ethics, but there’s a great similarity to them. It was also really interesting to play what he essentially is, by the end of the movie, but play it in a way that no one would guess it. That’s the reality. That’s how these things work. He’s not a standard guy. He’s something a bit different.

This story keeps turning in on itself, continually keeping the viewers guessing, and by the time the movie ended, I wasn’t entirely sure what was real and what wasn’t. As an actor, is that part of the fun of a story like this?

MEYERS: Yeah. What’s attractive about playing in a movie like that is that you really have to keep the audience entertained. When there’s practically only two people involved, it becomes complicated and you really have to work harder to come up with new ways to play the scenes. When it works, it works. It also has a lot to do with the director.

This also reminded me a bit of the Stephen King stories and the film adaptations for Misery and Secret Window, which both involve writers and things going very, very wrong. What do you think sets this one apart from the others? Is it the fact that we keep getting all of those twists and turns, and we really don’t know which end is up?

MEYERS: Possibly! That was the one part of the production that I was worried about. I was worried about how that would come across. The writer in a cabin, in a remote place, has already been done. The thing is trying to find a new way around that. It’s a lot of credit to Brian Goodman and Antonio Banderas. I thought it was a fast-moving sсript. It didn’t hold you anywhere for too long, and that makes a huge difference. When you’re trying to make a film like that, you have to make it tight. You can’t have an extra 25 minutes of flopping around. There’s no time for that. You really have to keep people interested, at all times, until the punch comes. You can do that with a film that lasts 90 to 100 minutes. That’s very difficult to do at 160 minutes. That becomes more complicated. I think this film is the right size for its subject.

What was it like to face off with someone like Antonio Banderas?

MEYERS: Antonio is the nicest guy. I’ve been working, as an actor, for a very long time, and you meet people, every so often, that really deserve all of their success. Antonio is one of those guys. He is incredibly nice, which meant that I had to do a little bit more work to make him sinister. There’s nothing sinister about Antonio. He’s so pleasurable and such a joy to work with. Actors always say that, but he is a joy, as a human being. Being on set is like a parallel reality. You can work well with people that you may not get on well with in life because it’s a parallel realism. It’s still real, but it’s make believe. It’s a psychological parallel. Sometimes you get to work with somebody who is just as nice on screen, as he is off screen, and Antonio is one of those guys. That makes life much easier. Sometimes you can get more attention when you don’t get on with each other. We just happened to get on with each other, so I liked him a lot.

Your character was teased at the end of the last season of Vikings. What made you want to sign on for that?

MEYERS: I’ve never seen an episode of Vikings, but I do know Michael Hirst because I did The Tudors with him, and I knew the crew. Vikings was interesting for me to do because I get to do it in three languages. I get to do it in English, Anglo-Saxon and Latin. Plus, I have an enormous amount of fighting. That was fun, in itself. But, I can’t really tell you too much more about what I’m doing on Vikings. I have to say that I love the part. I really had a great time working with Kathryn Winnick and Alexander Ludwig. They’re very, very good and very, very committed people.

How much were you told about your character’s arc and future seasons, before signing on, and how much is it just trusting the show because they’ve clearly proven themselves?

MEYERS: I knew exactly what I was doing, before I signed on. He’s got a particular reason for being there. It’s not a stunt. He’s not a gratuitous cast member, there just to keep you entertained. There’s a reason he’s there, and it’s a very particular reason. If he doesn’t perform the duties that he’s meant to perform, the story won’t move the way that it’s meant to move, and historically it won’t get to where it needs to go. Michael is an intellectual and an academic. His thesis at university was Henry James, who is a very particular writer. I’m actually doing a Henry James film that starts filming in July, and his work is really quite complicated. You have to approach Michael’s work knowing that he’s an academic and an intellectual, from the get-go. Of course, he’s going to have things planned. He’s not going to throw in gratuitous stunt characters to make things more interesting, but he has to twist and manipulate history a little bit because this is TV and you’ve gotta keep it moving. If you really wanted to do history, it would have to be 38 episodes with each episode lasting 10 hours. You have to speed things up and manipulate situations to fit into a TV series. It’s the world of entertainment, and it can be difficult for a writer of that quality to lay the academic hat down and think of how to best keep things moving so that it’s entertaining. But, he’s skilled. He’s got a good crew, a good cast, a good production, and he knows what he’s doing. That’s why he’s successful.

At this point in your career, what do you look for in a project? Is it about the story and character, or is it equally important to you to know where you’ll be shooting, who you’ll be shooting with, and even how long you’ll be shooting?

MEYERS: It all depends on who’s directing it. That has to be the center of everything. You can give the greatest performance possible, but if you don’t have a director who’s pointing the camera in the right direction and an editor who’s editing it properly, it doesn’t matter what you do. The director and the editor are the most important people. Not the actors. Sometimes the writer is important. But if you don’t have a good director, you can’t have a good production. That is the be all and end all of it. So, for me, I just try to work with the best directors possible.

Black Butterfly is currently in theaters and on VOD.

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В связи с нынешним постоянным (к счастью !, постоянным !) притоком информации, даю ссылку на два фотоальбома в группе :

Джонатан Рис Майерс 2017 -- vk.com/album-75955862_244231444

Джонатан и его семья 2017 -- vk.com/album-75955862_240957943

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В связи с премьерой "Чёрной бабочки" -- нас каждый день ожидают прекрасные подарки ! Ещё одно большое интервью с Джонни, в конце которого он показывает малыша-Вольфика !
Милота и фейерверк положительных эмоций от этого видео просто зашкаливает :))) Вольф Рис Майерс впервые в эфире, вместе с папой. Отлично держатся перед камерой, и очень довольны - и Вольф, и абсолютно счастливый папа )))

Из интервью Джонатана (2017) : "When you become a father, everything changes. It's a stupid statement, but that's just how it is. It's instant, and it's jarring. I love being a father. One of the greatest loves of my life is my son. But it takes time to get used to how those changes will manifest in your life. You don't feel the same way about life and yourself as you did before your child was born. As soon as your child is born, the world is a very different and a much better place to be. You start to fear and think about things that you never even thought about before. Instead of worrying about what you can get for yourself, you start to worry about how your son is. It's actually therapeutic."
"С рождением ребёнка всё меняется . (...) сын - величайшая любовь моей жизни" :)))
всё интервью (англ.) - www.vice.com/en_us/article/jonathan-rhys-meyers...

ещё интервью, о "Чёрной Бабочке" (англ.) - nypost.com/2017/05/24/france-was-secretly-behin...

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Трейлер "Чёрной бабочки" на русском. В наших кинотеатрах с 8-го июня , уже скоро :)))

запись создана: 04.05.2017 в 04:53

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Свежее, большое видеоинтервью с Джонатаном (англ.) о "Чёрной бабочке". Джонни отлично говорит, и выглядит, и очень воодушевлён премьерой, чувствуется ))) www.craveonline.com/entertainment/1267567-watch...

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8-го мая официально завершены съёмки 5-го сезона "Викингов". Шоу снималось в Ирландии, Исландии и Марокко. Надеемся вскоре услышать точную дату премьеры , хотя создателям сериала предстоит ещё много работы (уже не требующей съёмочной площадки).Сериал продлён на 6-й сезон. Не ясно, кто из главных героев выживет. Как нам известно из исторических хроник - епископ Эдмунд погибнет в бою. Как долго (в рамках сериального времени ) проживёт Ивар ? И кто ещё выживет из сыновей Рагнара Лодброка ? Остаётся тайной Майкла Хёрста 😊
Фото из инстаграма Кетрин Уинник - праздничная вечеринка (в Дублине) в честь окончания съёмок vk.com/all_about_jonathan?w=wall-75955862_36474 .

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"С Победой над фашизмом. 9 Мая День Победы"

С Победой над фашизмом~9 Мая День Победы



фото Наташи Водяновой со своими детками , тоже - с малышом-Романом " в котомочке ".Фото не нынешнее, того времени (весна 2017), когда Наташа ездила вместе с детьми отдыхать в Японию :))

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Мара так же рассказала о процессе своих родов (подробный перевод vk.com/all_about_jonathan?w=wall-75955862_36301 ) , роды проходили дома , Мара поблагодарила врача и мед.персонал, которые присутствовали при родах. По пояснениям самой Мары (в своём инстаграме ), они с Джонатаном не слишком дотошно планировали появление на свет малыша. Мара искала бассейн для домашних родов , и наткнулась на имя акушерки, её и пригласила. Как поясняет мать, малыш-Вольфик , явно !, родился "в рубашке" - vk.com/all_about_jonathan?w=wall-75955862_36240

Кроме того Мара Лэйн реанимировала после долгого молчания свой твиттер, и там написала для широкой аудитории (и прессы ) , что она является официальной женой Джонатана с 2014-го года. Свадьба состоялась через недолгое время после помолвки.
фото 2017
«Endeavor Awards 2017» — California Science Center 06.05.2017г.

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#Тень #TheShadowEffect
#фантастика #триллер -- vk.com/all_about_jonathan?w=wall-75955862_36209

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#Vikings #JonathanRhysMeyers #ДжонатанРисМайерс#ДжонатанРизМайерс #Maralane
Дом , в котором жили на время съёмок "Викингов" , в Ирландии , Джонатан и Мара . Он был специально снят с продажи - теперь снова продаётся.

так же в нашей ленте - vk.com/all_about_jonathan?w=wall-75955862_36132

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В статье для Норвежской прессы о съёмках в фильме "12-й человек" (Харольта Цварта) , норвежский актёр, исполнивший главную положительную роль, партизана, Thomas «Fingern» Gullestad (36) делится, как трудно ему было оказаться на съёмках, в ледяном Тормсе , вдали от жены и маленькой (годовалой) дочки.
Небольшой отрывок из этой статьи о Джонатане : "Актер Джонатан Рис Майерс (39) сыграл начальника нацистской полиции в "12-ом человеке", и, несмотря на противоположность ролей, они нашли хороший тон с Томасом.
В декабре звезда стал папой маленького Вольфика.
– У меня есть маленький мальчик, и у него есть маленькая дочь, и мы оба отцы в первый раз. Мы говорим об этом всё время и смотрим на фотографии. Мы совершенно очарованы нашими детьми. Мне повезло, что я нашёл единомышленника на площадке", - говорит Рис Майерс на ТВ-2.
– Отцовство изменило меня как человека. Моя жизнь теперь лучше. Вы получаете дополнительный уровень в жизни, лишний отзыв. Мой сын - это самое замечательное , что есть в моей жизни, и я очень счастлив", - говорит он далее.
"12-й человек" ожидается в норвежских кинотеатрах в ноябре.
интервью на норвежском - www.tv2.no/a/9058553/

Кстати, 15 числа малышу-Вольфику исполнилось 4 месяца ! Замечательная дата для крохотули, постепенно всё больше познающего мир :))). Хотя Джонатан не стремится показывать широкой публике фотографии любимого и единственного сыночка - и это вполне понятно , малыш ещё совсем кроха -- но всё же мы надеемся когда-нибудь увидеть малыша-Вольфика в любящих отцовских объятиях :)).

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Со Светлым Христовым Воскресением ! Счастья, мира и любви в каждый дом !

Красивые живые открытки Пасха~Пасха 2017 открытки поздравления


Сериал "Викинги" 5 сезон - vk.com/club145108745

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Новые -старые фото. С гримёром Amalia Bouchra www.instagram.com/amitola66/ . Второе фото со съёмок "Дамасского укрытия" :))).

@темы: "Джонатан Рис Майерс"

О Средневековье, о книгах, о музыке и кино, о Джонатане (Rhys Meyers)