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#MerryChristmas ! Merry Christmas and happy new 2017 :)))

Поздравляю чету Рис Майерсов, и весь чудесный кастинг "Дракулы" со Светлым Рождеством , Католическим ! Начало весёлых Новогодних праздников :)) И всем читателям моего дневника желаю прекрасного настроения :)))
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Свежее интервью Джонатана о "Клэш" , и "Лондон-Таун"
Rhian Daly
Dec 22, 2016
Jonathan Rhys Meyers tells all on playing Joe Strummer in Clash-inspired new film ‘London Town’

Today (December 22) marks the anniversary of The Clash frontman Joe Strummer’s death. Even 14 years after he left us, his legacy as a politically-engaged and galvanising musical force continues to grow and inspire new generations of musicians and music fans. As such, there’s still plenty of interest in his story, as new film London Town shows. Starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Bend It Like Beckham, Velvet Goldmine) as Strummer, the movie follows 14-year-old Shay Baker (Daniel Huddlestone) as he discovers The Clash through his free-spirited mother and encounters the punk hero several times as he struggles through teenage crushes and keeping his family together. Jonathan Rhys Meyers told us about what it was like to play such an icon, The Clash’s relevance and the new band exciting him today.
Were you a fan of The Clash before taking on this role?
“I was a Clash fan, but I wasn’t so much of a Clash fan that I couldn’t be objective about what I was doing. I didn’t have posters of Joe Strummer on my wall. I was a big Clash fan, but I was more into the music. I was born in ’77 so I missed out on the socio-economic element of The Clash at that time. I understood it a little bit more through Joe’s poetry later on in life, but essentially I knew the music and I liked the music so that made it a hell of a lot easier. I had no interest in glam rock when I did Velvet Goldmine, I didn’t like it. I was a Led Zeppelin guy, so that was a little bit more complicated. I wasn’t an Elvis fan either [he played the star in TV series Elvis], which made me really objective about playing Elvis – I took all the Elvis out of Elvis and just made him a poor boy from Tupelo, Mississippi. That made it much more authentic.
“Also with Strummer, this was The Clash before they started making big money. They were still playing small gigs. I wanted to get that element of rock stars before they become real rock stars. They’re local heroes right now. The Clash never became that stadium band – I think they broke up before that big money happened – so they were always the struggling artist”
Did you immerse yourself in The Clash’s music and films and books about them and Joe while preparing for the film?
“Of course. I didn’t read a book about Joe Strummer. To do research, I don’t think you read books or autobiographies about people because they might not be in your sсript. If I read a passage in a book about someone and think ‘Oh God, this would be really good in the film’ but it’s not in the sсript it’s not going to do me any good. Maybe if I was playing Napoleon! But Strummer, it was mainly about watching private interviews, watching the down time. I watched Rude Boy so I could get an element of what it was like on the road for these guys. But mainly it was just interviews and just picking out one or two things and an energy.”
What did you learn about Joe that you maybe weren’t aware of before?
“That he was a really, really hard working guy. I didn’t know that he was middle class, being the working class hero. At the time, people could see the super wealthy were pulling away more and more, and the middle class were getting crushed into the sense of stagnant suburbia. I suppose Joe was very interested in this and what was happening at the time socio-economically. I think Joe understood politicians spend 98 percent of their time covering their own arses and trying to keep their jobs. I think he understood that politicians were basically getting into power simply to have power. So The Clash had definitely that voice of the working class and Joe became the voice of the working class even though I think he’s the son of a diplomat.
“It was kind of strange that he had to play this character in an almost extreme way. He had to play this guy struggling to give a voice to to the voiceless and he did it through rock music because the kids are sponges. They were taking music from different parts of the world. Paul Simonon was such a huge reggae, ska and dub fan that they were able to pull things from people like Isaac Hayes’, Toots and the Maytals and The Wailers and mash it up. It’s incredible how good punk and ska work together. They’re completely different elements on completely different sides of things.”
Do you think The Clash are still relevant to young people today?
“The Clash are even more relevant now. Since the time the trailer came out for this and now, their music has shot up. ‘Bankrobber’ is one of the greatest songs of the 20th century. We couldn’t use it in the film because I think it’s sampled from something else that they mashed up. There was some complication as to why I couldn’t sing ‘Bankrobber’ and I was like ‘come on, you’ve got to give me this fucking tune!’ Especially the video of Joe in the studio singing it with these big, white late ’70s/early ’80s headphones. I really wanted to do that, but it was the earlier Clash music that Derek was interested in, like ‘Clash City Rockers’, ‘White Riot’, ‘Clampdown’. I would have loved to have done ‘Bankrobber’ and ‘Tommy Gun’.”
Did you have any say in what songs were used in the film?
“No, bollocks, nothing! I’m just an actor, man. Yeah, I had to play ’em. But then Joe’s a rhythm player – he wasn’t the world’s greatest guitar player. Mick was their virtuoso. The Clash wouldn’t have been The Clash without Joe because he brought that energy and that poetry, but The Clash wouldn’t have been The Clash without Mick or Paul either, or Topper Headon. When Topper left, it was never quite the same.”
Have you ever been in a band yourself?
“I’ve never been in a band. I started playing guitar in my early ’20s and then put it away for a long time because I was too busy thinking I was going to be fabulous in the movie industry. Then around 2010 I picked it up again. I write music, but I haven’t released anything and I don’t think I ever will.”
What was it like performing as Joe in scenes like the Rock Against Racism gig at Victoria Park?
“Once action rolls you lose yourself in it. It was fucking exhausting. I was thinking ‘Christ almighty, The Clash must have been wrecked after their gigs!’ You don’t realise – you think these guys are having a good time cos you’re having a good time, but when they get off stage you can see them fucking collapse because it takes so much out of you. I just collapsed onto the stage when I was finished doing ‘White Riot’, like ‘fuck me, how the fuck do you get up?’ and then I had to get up and do ‘Janie Jones’.”
What new bands exciting you at the moment?
“The only new band I’m listening to right now is Unlock The Truth. They’re three kids from Brooklyn, New York. They’re African-American. They play heavy speed-metal. They are so good, they are beyond good. They’re opening for Metallica and they’re 12 years old. There’s a documentary about them called Breaking The Monster. They’re extraordinary kids, but their music… they’ve got more energy than anybody else in music put together apart from maybe Jay Z. I think Jay Z’s amazing, but all the rest of it is just a conglomeration of X Factor whatever.”
How did you find Unlock The Truth?
“I just discovered them online. There was a video of them playing in Times Square and somebody said ‘oh you’ve got to watch them’. They’re magnificent. Breaking The Monster is about them going into the very adult world of the music industry, which is a very hard world right now. People don’t want to go out and put their hearts into making music anymore because everything just gets taken from them. The first few albums from Kings Of Leon were amazing. ‘Aha Shake Heartbreak’ was a fantastic album so every now and then you’ll get someone come along who’s making beautiful stuff. Chvrches are also really interesting, but bands like The Clash? They’re just not there. There’s no one like them at the moment and that’s a problem. I’m constantly going back in the past to find something that’s relevant to me now.”

Перевод -- vk.com/jonathanrhysmeyers?w=wall-131491_57567%2...

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Интересное интервью ! После довольно долгого молчания -- Джонни с воодушевлением говорит о рок-музыке, о музыке, о своей работе над ролью . )) Оказывается он Поклонник "Клэш" !, то что поклонник рока -знаю ))), но , слава богу, вкусы не изменились. Отлично ! )))
Думаю, то , что пишет Джонни , его музыка звучит мелодично и красиво. Ему просто кажется, что недостаточно сложно, недостаточно профессионально, и всё в таком духе (((... Очень жаль, что не показывает своего творчества народу ((, так нельзя... Музыка для того и пишется, чтобы слушали, она скучает без слушателя... В последней фразе интервью снова грустные ноты...
Джонни, добрая душа, дал юным талантам "Unlocking the Truth" великолепную рекламу)) И кажется у этих ребят - бас-соло , интересно ))))

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Сегодня очередная серия "Викингов" 😊— сезон 4 , серия 14
«В час до наступления утра» In the Uncertain Hour Before the Morning
Перевод от АлексФильм что-то задерживается, для самых нетерпеливых пока что в другом переводе )) (*терпеливым стоит дождаться от АлексФильм )) ) -- vk.com/all_about_jonathan?w=wall-75955862_33858
Джонатана нет в этой серии. Но появляется , совсем ещё мальчик (подросток) -- Магнус, и совсем ещё мальчик (не юноша) Альфред (ещё не Фердия Уолш-Пило).
Промо 15 серии (с переводом)

Страсти всё накаляются и накаляются !! :)) Уж просто не в силах дождаться перевода ! :)))

Думаю, персонаж Джонатана появится ближе к концу 4-го сезона.

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Уже есть с переводом 13 серия 4-го сезона "Викингов" - «Два пути» Two Journeys ,наша тема для обсуждения серии vk.com/topic-75955862_35061301 😊 ,
Каждая серия всё больше и больше захватывает, всё острее и острее интрига !! Майкл Хёрст просто "превзошёл самоё себя" :)))
Джонатана ещё нет в этой серии. Появляется герцог Ролло , и прекрасная Гизелла )))

промовидео 14 серии

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Завтра очередная, 13 серия 4-го сезона "Викингов" :)))
Видео о съёмках , на русском языке - с Лагертой, Бьорном, Рагнаром, Ролло и Иваром :)).Весьма интересное, о съёмках батальных сцен, и не только.

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Интервью Джонатана (англ.)
Jessica Barrett
Monday December 12th 2016
‘I find it hard to trust people now’: Jonathan Rhys Meyers on alcohol, the paparazzi and being an outsider in Hollywood

A few hours after I meet Jonathan Rhys Meyers, a story pops up on my newsfeed in which he is described as “brooding”. It’s a story about his red-carpet appearance for his new film London Town, in which he plays Joe Strummer from The Clash. Meyers despises such events. “I’m not a fan of selfies,” he says. “I don’t carry a phone and I don’t InstaGoogleTweetFace.” He finds the endless filming and photographing of oneself “the height of narcissism”.

He doesn’t seem too keen on interviews, either. He walks into the London office where we meet with a face like thunder, unable (or unwilling) to look me in the eye. For the first five minutes that we’re together he sits, repeatedly lacing and unlacing his biker boots.

It is perhaps hardly surprising that he is reluctant to speak to the press. It has been nearly three years since Meyers has given an interview. This is his first since he was photographed looking bedraggled and drinking vodka straight from the bottle in the middle of the day on a busy London street last May. At the time it had been two years since he claimed to have quit drinking; he has been in and out of rehab six times since 2002. The photos were published around the world, and changed Meyers’ life permanently.

“It was really, really harsh. Hard,” Meyers says. “I left London. I’ll never live here again, under any circumstances.” He adds that he felt it was unfair, because he’s rarely papped normally. “The paparazzi couldn’t give a f*** about me unless I’m driving with a bottle of booze on me, then they’re all over me like a rash.” He says he spent a lot of time not realising he was famous until that moment when he was “on the front of some tabloid newspaper”.

“They don’t realise how much it affects you. And that’s why I don’t do social media, I don’t tell people where I am, I don’t have many friends, I find it hard to trust people, I would never live in London again – I sold my house very soon afterwards – and I don’t really talk to the press very much.”

Meyers’ problems with alcohol have been well documented. He was banned from a flight at JFK after allegedly turning up drunk, arrested at Dublin Airport in 2007 for drunkenness and in 2011 he was given a one-year suspended prison sentence and fined ¤1,000 for threatening to kill three French police officers while drunk. He said in 2013 that he had been “as wild as you can get”.
He now insists that doesn’t have a problem with alcohol – when he was papped in London it was a one-off. “I got wrecked for two or three days with some people that I know and then that’s it,” he says. He says that he is feeling a lot stronger than he was this time last year.

After that incident his fiancée, the actress Mara Lane, posted a message from Meyers to her Instagram account. It read: “I apologise for having a minor relapse and hope that people don’t think too badly of me. I stopped drinking immediately and I am on the mend and thank well wishers and sorry for my dishevelled appearance as I was on my way home from a friend’s and had not changed. I feel I made a mistake and feel quite embarrassed but this was just a blip in my recovery otherwise I’m living a healthy life. Love and blessings. #Rebel #Angel.”

Having now met him, I say that it reads like an out-of-character response. He tells me simply: “I didn’t write it.”

He has now, aged 39, decamped to a “steel and glass” minimalist haven in Los Angeles with Lane (who is said to be pregnant). He has most definitely has not joined the A-list set there, he says, because he doesn’t ever get to work with them. “I don’t do big studio films, I don’t do big blockbusters,” he says. Is that intentional? “No. I don’t get them. People don’t see me as that. So I don’t do big summer blockbuster films, and I don’t hang out with movie stars and such because I don’t get to work with them. I’m off doing small, independent films. I just haven’t been given an opportunity to do one of those big films yet.” He adds: “I’m not saying I won’t do them, I’m saying I don’t get them.”

London Town may not be a blockbuster, but it is charming. The film, which also stars Natasha McElhone, is set in 1970s London and imagines a friendship between Strummer and an Essex schoolboy before The Clash hit the big time. When I tell Meyers I enjoyed it he replies: “Thank you. I haven’t seen it.” It turns out that he’s never watched any of his work.

Meyers has been acting since he was 17, a few years after being expelled from his Cork monastery school at 14 for truancy. Having got his break playing a David Bowie-style glam rock character in Velvet Goldmine, he hit the bigtime after appearing in Bend it Like Beckham alongside Keira Knightley. Since then Meyers has appeared mostly in independent films apart from a role in Mission Impossible III. His television credits for US shows are wide-ranging and much more mainstream, he’s played King Henry VIII in The Tudors, Dracula and Elvis Presley (which won him a Golden Globe for Best Actor in 2011).

“I’ve been in it now for a quarter of a century. And I’m only 39. That’s a long time,” he says. He still feels like an outsider in his own industry but he found a rare affinity with Antonio Banderas, his co-star in forthcoming film Black Butterfly. “I really liked him. He’s the same. He was like, ‘I never felt part of the club either. Maybe I’ve been to Leonardo DiCaprio’s house to play cards once or twice, but I don’t have a whole bunch of famous friends, I’ve always felt like an outsider’. But then he goes, ‘But I am an outsider because I’m from Malaga, I’m European’. He never felt part of things, he always felt separated, and I do, too. I don’t have a catalogue of famous friends, and I don’t keep in contact with people that I’ve worked with.”

“I don’t have a catalogue of famous friends, and I don’t keep in contact with people that I’ve worked with.”

He adds: “I’ve met a whole bunch of famous people and there’s only one famous person that I’ve ever seen in my life that’s the same on screen as they are in real life, and that’s George Clooney. The rest of them don’t look anything like it. They’re all much shorter, much fatter, with terrible baggy skin, but then you see them on Instagram with the right lighting. And it makes young guys and young girls be like, ‘I’ve got to be like that’. It’s an impossible goal.”

Meyers says he prefers to hang out on his own in LA (though presumably also with Lane on occasion). “I don’t ever leave my house. I’m happy at home. I don’t like driving.” That’s pretty unusual, I suggest. “I’m not that kind of social guy, never have been.” In fact he says the only thing that makes him happy is having a “clean house”. “Happiness is very momentary. Sometimes I’m happy, sometimes I’m not. A clean house, where everything is in its place. There we go – happiness, bliss.”

“If I had my life to live again I wouldn’t have been an actor”
He says he likes to read instead (“Noam Chomsky, Adam Smith and George Orwell”). He writes his own music which he’ll never play to anyone else (“I just don’t think that I play music that’s good enough”) and he has started writing a screenplay (also not good enough).

“If I had my life to live again I would have gone to university and I wouldn’t have been an actor,” he admits. “But I am an actor and that’s the way it is. It’s all bulls***.”

‘London Town’ is released digitally on 26 December

Оригинал -- News The Essential Daily Briefing

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Приятные предновогодние хлопоты в семье Рис Майерсов. Обновление инстаграма Мары Рис Майерс.
*Джонатан и Мара 15 декабря 2016-го стали родителями. Родился мальчик, его назвали Вольф (Woif) -- впрочем, публике об этом стало известно лишь 5 января 2017-го -- www.justjared.com/2017/01/04/jonathan-rhys-meye...

"Thank you for the opportunity to be a Mummy, Sweetheart! #ILoveYou #ManCrushMonday #MCM everyday for me. 📸: taken by wonderful Vikings set photographer, John, who also did Tudors billboards and stills. I was 6 months and barely showing but thought I was m-a-s-s-i-v-e. I will share later as you may fall over laughing am sticking out a non belly not knowing what was in store for me in just a couple mos 🙊😳 #firsttimemom #firsttimepregnant #everydayanadventure when you're #largeandincharge 😂😭🙈" (Мара Лэйн, к совместному фото)


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#DamascusCover #JonathanRhysMeyers #ДжонатанРисМайерс
Howard Kaplan
I saw the finished film of Damascus Cover this week, it's really fabulous. It will be in theaters next year. He's some miscellaneous stills and the link to the novel.
Я видел "Дамасское Укрытие" в законченном варианте на этой неделе, это потрясающе. Фильм пойдёт в кинотеатрах в следующем году. Он несколько разнится с романом .

London Town playing tomorrow at 4:15 at the Bahamas International Film Festival JFK theatre in Nassau. Come see it

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Спойлеры 4 сезон 13 серия , следующей серии , ещё предстоящей к просмотру :

"Викинги всегда были привязаны к семье, но Рагнар (Трэвис Фиммел) ? будет ли в состоянии ?
Теперь, когда он и Ивар (Алекс Høgh Андерсон) направились в Уэссекс, Рагнар наконец-то начинает общение с сыном, которого он когда-то хотел убить. Хотя они обмениваются разведывательной информацией , есть одна принципиальная разница, которая может их разлучить.
"У них очень разные взгляды на христианство," -- говорит Андерсон для TVGuide.com, -- "Ивар похож на Флоки (Густаф Скарсгард), в то время как лучший друг Рагнара был христианином."
Это может вызвать ссору , когда придется решать, как лучше поступить с королём Экбертом (Линус Роуч) за его предательство Рагнара , и якобы сын Магнус. Но одно несомненно: Ивар не планирует следовать по демократическим стопам отца.
"Он никогда не позволит ничему встать на своём пути", - говорит Андерсон, -- "Ивар никогда не пойдёт на сделку с христианами".

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8 декабря выходит очередная серия "Викингов"4 сезон 12 серия The Vision (уже есть с переводом ), наша тема в обсуждениях (где будут так же спойлеры по вышедшим сериям, для тех, кто не успел посмотреть предыдущие 3 сезона )) ) vk.com/topic-75955862_35061301

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С премьерой "Викингов",ура :)))

11-ю серию 4-го сезона, уже можно посмотреть с переводом.
Столько интригующих завязок ! Хёрст начинает понемногу раскрепощать суровые северные нравы ! :)) ... Ивар просто клаассный , и все сыночки Рагнара )) А какие Прекрасные Дамы, во главе с Лагертой , с чудесной северной совушкой на рукаве ! Куртуазные мотивы врываются в мир викингов, вместе с дыханием иных стран, предстоящего Юга, и Франции ))
В нашей группе о творчестве Джонатана организовали специальную тему о "Викигах", для тех, кто , допустим, начнёт смотреть сериал с 4-го сезона. Описание главных персонажей, и прочее -- чтобы быть в теме )) -- vk.com/topic-75955862_35061301

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Красивый фан-арт от #JohnnyRhysMeyersPromopage
The #Vikings return tonight at 9/8c on HISTORY.

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Сегодня юбилейная дата у замечательного актёра -- Евгения Миронова !
"Он – один из самых востребованных актёров современности. Кто из артистов не мечтает сыграть Гамлета? Евгений Миронов исполнил эту роль дважды – у Штайна и у Лепажа. Также на его счету князь Мышкин и Калигула, Пушкин и Достоевский. Но к славе актёр, по его собственному признанию, равнодушен. Главным в профессии считает недовольство собой и потребность постоянно учиться.
К 50-летию народного артиста России Евгения Миронова наш телеканал 4 декабря в 19:20 покажет программу из цикла "Острова", а по её окончании – спектакль Государственного Театра Наций "Рассказы Шукшина" "- tvkultura.ru/article/show/article_id/159846/

Все роли Евгения в кино любимые.
Одна из самых ярких -- Грегор, в "Превращении". Фильме , снятом по рассказу Ф.Кафки (режиссёр Валерий Фокин). Больше "Замка", и других громких произведений Кафки, люблю именно "Превращение". Историю в которой так всё странно, но, если вдуматься, то просто о том, что чуда не происходит. Чуда победы человечности в самой простой семье, среди ближайших родственников -- отца, матери , сестры и несчастного брата... И - не Грегор тут монстр...
Спасибо Евгению Витальевичу за множество великолепных образов на экране ! :))
Долгих лет творческой жизни ! И -- многия лета , в бодрости и здравии !

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"Викинги" IV

Совсем скоро на суд публики будет представлена вторая половина четвертого сезона сериала «Викинги» (Vikings). Тем временем трудолюбивая команда этой популярной исторической драмы уже приступила к созданию следующей главы эпичной истории о бесстрашных скандинавских мореходах.

(*Возможны спойлеры!) По сведениям Deadline, важную роль в сюжете пятого сезона будет играть поход викингов в Исландию. Об этом свидетельствует тот факт, что новым персонажем сериала станет Кетиль Плосконосый. В сагах об исландцах он упоминается в качестве норвежского короля, однако инсайдеры не исключают, что сценаристы «Викингов» придумают для него другую предысторию. К настоящему моменту известно лишь, что Кетиль окажется храбрым и свирепым воином, избранным Флоки в качестве одного из лидеров отряда викингов. Именно ему предстоит основать поселение в стране льдов. Принято считать, что современное название Исландии дал именно Флоки Вильгердарсон, которого на экране воплотил Густаф Скарсгард.Кетиля Плосконосого в «Викингах» сыграет Адам Коуплэнд. Канадец сделал успешную карьеру в мире рестлинга, после чего решил попробовать себя на актерской стезе. К настоящему моменту у него за плечами уже есть несколько популярных телесериалов, включая супергеройский боевик «Флэш» (The Flash). Адам стал вторым новичком пятого сезона «Викингов»: в марте секретную роль в исторической драме получил Джонатан Рис Майерс («Тюдоры»/The Tudors, «Дракула»/Dracula).
Есть предположения, что Джонатан Рис Майерс сыграет внебрачного сына Рагнара - Магнуса, рожденного королевой Квентрид и воспитанного саксами.
(*обзорный перевод взят из группы о сериале "Викинги" , о культуре и истории викингов -- vk.com/mediaevalandvikings?w=wall-145108745_975... )
#Викинги #сериал #Магнус
Викинги (4 сезон, Вторая половина) — Русский трейлер (2016)

Как было обещано -- осенью ! :))), в последний день ноября , 30-го )). С переводом, конечно, 1-3 декабря ))

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Очень хороший музей в Томске , "Первый Музей Славянской Мифологии" :))) , для всех , интересующихся славянством : там можно найти достойную доверия научную и познавательную литературу ))
Сайт -- slav-museum.ru/pocaz_mod_loskutniy_dom/

Студия русской культуры "Улица" , Томск -- vk.com/studija_ulitsa

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Совсем свежие фото Мары , Mara Lane , окончательно проясняющие её приятное положение :))

Ещё фото (из инстаграма Мары ) -- vk.com/all_about_jonathan?w=wall-75955862_33474

Крепкого здоровья и благополучных, удачных родов будущей мамочке -- когда подойдёт срок появиться на свет долгожданному малышу :))) Джонатан наконец-то станет папой, ура! :))).

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Джонатан на съёмках 5-го сезона "Викингов" :)), похоже , псинку выгуливает, хоть собаки и не видно ))

спасибо за фото www.instagram.com/p/BNCjhkdj6ei/

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"The Shadow Effect ".

"Эффект тени"- "The Shadow Effect "

В этом фильме братьев Олсонов Джонатан сыграл учёного, исследующего феномен снов -- www.screendaily.com/news/afm-archstone-boards-t...

Ещё фото персонажа Джонни из трейлера ,очень представительный , и Джонни идёт такая седина :)) -- vk.com/all_about_jonathan?w=wall-75955862_33252

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Корооотенькое , но всё же новое видео со съёмок "Викингов", которое выложила в своём инстаграме Кэтрин Уинник vk.com/all_about_jonathan?w=wall-75955862_33093

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10 ноября 2012 #TurnBackTime@all_about_jonathan , благотворительный званый обед в Лондоне. Джонатан и Виктория Кеон-Коен на благотворительном обеде в Лондоне, перед приездом Джони и Наташи Водяновой на премьеру "Влюблённых" в Москву , фото -- vk.com/all_about_jonathan?w=wall-75955862_33083

Атмосферный , красивый короткометражный фильм режиссёра и сценариста Виктории Кеон-Коэн. В котором рассказчиком выступил Джонатан Рис Майерс.
Это готическая Сказочная История, конечно же о любви и смерти , о необыкновенных метаморфозах тела и духа.

Интервью создателей короткометражки, и Джонатана, ведь он выступил не только как нарратор, но как эксклюзивный продюсер фильма.

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О Средневековье, о книгах, о музыке и кино, о Джонатане (Rhys Meyers)